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Most businesses fall into the below categories when they have a marketing problem:

  1. Never tried marketing before and not sure where to start,
  2. The marketing is working but your targets aren't being met,
  3. The marketing is failing badly with next-to-no sales.

Never tried marketing before and not sure where to start

This is quite straight forward. First, it's best to think of a budget or goal.

That goal might be a number of visitors, calls or email leads.

Next you need to get quotes for SEO, Adwords or social media based on your goals.
Now work out your return of investment (ROI) based on your marketing costs compared to your average sales - what you won't know when starting out is your conversion rate.

A simplified version is this: Your monthly SEO costs you $600 but it nets you 9 decent leads.
From that you make 5 sales which nets you an average $350 job. You've now more than doubled your marketing cost.

Improve your site's text and your marketing calls/follow ups to increase your sales over time.


The marketing is working but your targets aren't being met

First you need to check if your targets are realistic. Are your goals acheivable? For example, a marketing budget of $600 won't provide you with 6 enquiries a day.

If your targets are not being met then the reason could be your marketing, but if you are making a few sales it probably points to your website.
Check the number of visitors on your site and if it's quite high, start working on your content.

Most industries can convert at a 3% rate so, for every 100 visitors you should be getting 3 emails/calls.
Ecommerce is generally lower as the products are easier to compare online and quite often identical on a competitior's site so its harder to sell.

Start tracking goals in Google analytics beginning with form fills and phone clicks. For ecommerce sites you'll need to track add-to carts, check out page views and purchases.
From that you can start to identify the problem. Is it the product page, cart page or the check out page?

Cart abandonment rate is huge, so making the check out process easy is crutial. Not showing shipping costs upfront is single-handedly one of the biggest barriors to a sale.

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For a sales website like a plumber, electrican etc... things like the page's text and images will need work.
Your marketing company should be bombarding you with information about customers' leave/bounce rates.
From this you can work out the problem pages and refine them.

Adding call to actions in your pages is fundamental!

Phone or quote buttons in the top right of your page header. Adding a free quote form to the right of your services pages really drives leads.

Making sure your website works on the major screen sizes and devices.


The marketing is failing badly with next-to-no sales

This is a very touchy situation when your costs are sky rocketing but you're not selling anything.

It can be your marketing or your website. Maybe it's the wrong type of customer accessing your site or maybe you're getting lots of visitors but they're not really interested in your product.

Trialing different keywords for both SEO and Adwords is ideal, more so Adwords as you'll have some good data in a month or so.
If there is still no change, move onto your website.

Try split testing your pages. Google split testing will help here. You can swap out different text and images to test which is best. Improve different parts and continue with the rest of the website.

Sometimes a business consultant is required to reveiw your product. Is it too expensive? Is the service too slow? The more of these questions you can answer the better.

Getting sales is normally fixable is just a matter of finding the right people to test and refine your online presence.